Anchor with a community that has your back. 

#stayhome, CLIMATE CRISIS, self-care, financial security, collective care. 


What is the right work,

for right now?

Together, we can take a stronger hand in shaping our futures.


Belong, learn and earn with Ahoyhoy. 

Do you feel a sense that there must be a better way, a pull towards something else? 

We have come together to take a stronger hand in shaping our individual and collective futures.  

The Ahoy experience is shaped with our context in mind and changes in step with where we are.


Let's get practical about the future of work. 


You are welcome here. All the professions, across all industries & sectors.  We are for everyone who is part of the force of work.


If you hold space for others, you can take off your amour here. This is a new way for you to get in the arena. To learn, unlearn and relearn with no agenda or predetermined outcome.


Choose your own adventure. 


You don't have to trade your individual prosperity for collective care.

Ahoyhoy is your island of sanity.

Better experienced than explained.

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anchor to a community that has your back

learn, unlearn, relearn

ways to keep your livelihood lively



Ahoyhoy came into my life at exactly the right time.

The more time I spend with this group of super switched-on humans my world-view broadens and so many possibilities emerge about the creation of workplaces that think and act differently.


Most importantly, I feel connected to, and supported and encouraged by a group of people who genuinely want me to succeed, by whatever measure of success looks like to me. 


The team at Ahoyhoy are sense makers. This is something special. 

Super experienced and knowledgeable experts who care deeply about us and their work.

You just kind of feel it, Ahoyhoy is something different.

This is where I come to help make sense of the rapidly changing world around us.   

truth-telling & stories


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The way of Ahoy.

Part of our philosophy. An evolving practice.

We protect and cherish this space

Meet each other with compassion, kindness & understanding

We elevate many ways, as long as they are life-affirming

We have a duty of care to ourselves and to each other

Stand on the shoulders of others & offer our shoulders to stand

A force for better across our working lives

acknowledgement of country

Ahoyhoy acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia on which we work, live & create. 


We recognise their continuing connection to land, waters, and culture and hope that through increased awareness we will create a more united and inclusive Australia that celebrates and embraces our First Australians.

May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears. 

© 2020 Ahoyhoy | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia