The Ahoyhoy  Futures Suite.


What future are you assuming today as you develop tomorrow’s workforce?

At Ahoyhoy we are designing new ways to give you access to formally trained futurists, foresight practitioners, tools and resources that help you and your team to anticipate and rehearse the future.

We all have blind spots, biases, and different perceptions of what is happening now and what might happen next. To build a future-ready workforce that is resilient across a range of plausible futures, we need to consider how multiple trends and patterns of change might bump into one another in a way that impacts our business and workforce.


This will allow you to stretch your thinking, we invite you to try on different perspectives and become explicit and intentional about the assumptions that underpin your workforce strategy. 

A membership to the Ahoyhoy Futures Suite provides you and your team access to a range of futures resources including live future scenarios that explore possible futures of work in Australia through three key domains of change:


We believe we have found an innovative, affordable and on-demand way to provide regular access to our futures team.  Join the waitlist to be among the first to participate and experience the Ahoyhoy Futures Suite.

Intelligence is embodied – it's the interplay between our mind, body and environment - in our attempt to navigate the world.

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