Experience matters

Process only gets you part of the way

Earning trust is critical to exploration

Imagining better requires more than one mindset

The future is inclusive. 

 Illuminate new pathways

Music Art

Foundations & Strategy

Define & craft your why, vision, mission & intentions

Define your dynamic strategy to support the delivery of your mission


Ensre your operating model is diesgned in a way to deliver on your strategy

Funky Graffiti


Bring it to life

Data, Process, Digital,

Technology, Platforms

Sustainable growth

Ethical Procurement

Ethical Supply Chain

Abstract Portrait

Insights &


Evidence-based futures research/intelligence

Scenario development 

rehearsing the future(s)


Research & Insights


Strategic decision making

Graffiti Art

Design &


Opportunity discovery & believable momentum 

Execution pathways

decide what to sustain, what to let go off and what to explore

Service, product design and launch

Workforce planning and delivery

"We believe most of today’s organisational challenges are too complex to be solved by one specialised discipline, methodology or ‘way of knowing’."

Reanna Browne - Futurist & Ahoyhoy Director

It’s 2020 and it’s business (un)usual. 

The new normal is ‘post-normal*’ -  ongoing disruption, complexity, chaos, transformation and transitions are becoming the standard characteristics of our time.  


But our usual business (and societal) guidebooks for how we think and act in are ill-equipped for this kind of context. They are losing fit for purpose, alongside many of the business logic and activities that have led us to this point. 


But new ways haven't fully manifested.


And so, we’re entering an in-between time where we need to unlearn and relearn. We need to explore and experiment with new (and some old) ways for how we might navigate increasing uncertainty and make resilient business decisions in the present. 


And that’s why we founded a consulting space within Ahoyhoy.


A practice that brings together a unique suite of practitioners, across traditional disciplinary boundaries, delivering work that creates possibility and humaneness in the midst of increasing complexity and confusion.



* Zadar, S. (2004). Welcome to postnormal times.

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