Our areas of practice

Music Art

Reclaiming Leadership

Wisdom. Connection. Saftey. Creativity. Culture. Focus. Heart.

We want you to join us in reclaiming and evolving the art of leadership.

Graffiti Art

Shape, Ship & Do

Opportunity discovery & believable momentum 

Execution pathways

decide what to sustain, what to let go off and what to explore

Service, product design and launch

Organisational prioritisation, alignment, & agility

Workforce planning and delivery

Abstract Portrait

Intelligence & Decisions to Act

Evidence-based futures research/intelligence

Scenario development 

rehearsing the future(s)


Strategic acupuncture

deciding where to act


Strategic decision making

deciding what to do

Funky Graffiti


Bring it to life

Data, Process, Digital, Technology, Platforms

Our four modes of delivery 

Illustrated Flowers 2

Strategic Sparring

Ahoyhoy as your sparring partner

Illustrated Scenery

Discrete Inititaves 

Ahoyhoy as your guide

Illustrated Flowers


Ahoyhoy as your host

Tropical Flower


Ahoyhoy as part of your team

"We believe most of today’s organisational challenges are too complex to be solved by one specialised discipline, methodology or ‘way of knowing’."

Reanna Browne - Futurist & Ahoyhoy Founder

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