Start-up Sparring.


Let's get your start-up muscles into shape.

You wouldn't go from the couch to running 25km without a  plan. And we wouldn't recommend you quit your job for your big idea unless you have really put it through its paces.

Bring us your ideas, thoughts and dreams - unpolished & raw. Together, let's forge a new pathway.


Your friends and family have told you it's a great idea, but how do you really know?

Business coaches and other services can be an expensive outlay if the idea doesn't really have legs.

Surround yourself with those who have found their way through to the other side.

There are two ways:

1. Sign up for our Unpolished Series.

Ahoyhoy host conversations with local, experienced people about the different paths into start-up life, new ventures and getting practical about the future of work for you. Find new energy and inspiration. An opportunity for you to share and discuss your aspirations, ideas and goals for your desired future of work.

2. Start-up Sparring Sessions


Book a chat with us to find out more about our 1:1 Startup Sparring sessions with Robine our CEO & seasoned investor David Plush. These sessions are for those of you that feel you really have something that you want to invest more time and resources into and you would like our advice and support as you navigate uncertainty and bring in alternative ideas & perspectives.


We'll set up a series of online sessions to help you shape your thoughts and ideas and show you how to take practical ways of how to get started, make sense of what to do next and in what order. If it's helpful we can make introductions within our network and connections to individuals and organisations who may be able to help with your idea or business aspirations.

We love working with people, just like you, coming together in a true spirit of collaboration and helping you navigate and determine what's the right amount of time to spend on the right things to see your ideas come to life.

At Ahoyhoy we have a strong desire to see more of us take a stronger hand in shaping their future of work.

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